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Why Mushrooms are Prohibited

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Why Mushroom is Prohibited

As we all are seeing mushroom is becoming very famous these days. Often we get to see its discussions on the internet. Even when we go to the restaurant and order mixed veg, the same is also asked whether there is any problem with mushrooms. And this question arises in our mind whether we should eat mushrooms (especially if you are vegetarian like me). Actually, there are many types of questions about Mushoor which come to our mind like whether Mushoor is vegetarian. why mushrooms are prohibited, Is it forbidden to eat mushrooms, is a mushroom a vegetable, why don’t Jains eat mushrooms (they are also vegetarians) If they do not eat then should we eat them. In this article, we will try to know the answers to some of these questions.

What is Mushroom?

What is Mushroom? Mushroom is called kukurmuta in Hindi, in Sanskrit it is called chattraka. In the olden times, it used to grow on dead animals and trees or at all the decaying matter. It is a kind of fungus. It is not a Plant because it does not have leaves and roots. This is not even an animal. It came from the fungi kingdom. That’s why you don’t consider mushrooms as a vegetable nor as an animal. Not all the mushrooms are edible some of them are poisonous too. If you want comment down below. And we will write a detailed article on how to identify the edible mushroom.

Is mushroom a saprophyte

Why mushroom saprotroph? Because Mushroom is dependent on some such things for his survival which is not alive, They grow on dead and decaying things and get nourishment from this. That is why mushrooms are called saprotrophs. As you must have seen in the forest around you or even in your garden that mushroom often grows on all the throat things. However, the mushroom that we get in the market now is completely cultivated. And it is done in a very clean and hygienic environment.

Jains don’t eat Mushroom.

Why Jains don’t eat mushrooms? As we all know Jain people are vegetarian. And they follow this very strictly. In Jain houses, food is not prepared after sunset, so that no living being should die in that fire. Jains do not eat any vegetables grown under the ground, because when the vegetables grown under the ground are harvested, there is a danger of the death of some worms and insects in it. In the same way, The mushroom is born from an organism (fungus) and it does not grow in a clean place, due to which Jain people do not eat mushrooms.


Are mushrooms a sattvic food?

No, all the properties of mushrooms are tamasic, due to which it comes under the category of tamasic food. Those who eat sattvic food should avoid mushrooms. As mentioned above, Mushroom does not grow in a clean place and it is also saprotroph, due to which it is not considered suitable for offering Bhog. That is why mushrooms is prohibited for people doing the sattvic diet.

Should a brahmin eat mushroom

Why brahmins don’t eat mushrooms? Here I can say that if you are a Vedic brahman and you eat only sattvic food. In such a situation, you should not eat mushroom because it comes under the category of tamasic food. The mushroom is not sattvic food this is the reason why mushrooms is prohibited for brahmins.

Is a mushroom a non-vegetarian

why mushrooms is not vegetarian? Mushroom is not a living being, so you cannot call it a non-vegetarian, but yes it is not a plant either, so you cannot even call it a vegetable, then what is a mushroom? Mushroom is a kind of fungus,. Belongs to the fungi kingdom.

Can we eat mushrooms

We have two reasons for not eating mushrooms, firstly it is in the category of tamasic food, secondly, is the way of its grow to like it does not grow in clean place and mushroom is a saprophyte.

Tamsic Food

If you do not follow a sattvic diet and eat other tamasic things like onion, garlic, Drum stick, masoor dal, etc. Then you should not have any problem eating mushrooms.

How Mushrooms are cultivated.

The methods of growing mushrooms that we have mentioned above are traditional. Mushrooms are not grown like this in today’s time. The current way of growing Mushrooms is very clean and hygienic. It is cultivated on a very large scale and in a totally man-made environment.


My opinion is that if you do not have any problem eating tamasic food, then you can eat mushrooms without any hesitation. Mushroom is very beneficial. And according to Ayurveda also there is no problem with eating mushrooms. If you do not know the benefits of mushrooms, then you can read the article further.

Benefits of eating Mushrooms.

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