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Which Indian dal is keto-friendly

Which Indian dal is keto-friendly

We are going to discuss the keto diet and some keto-friendly foods which you can eat during the keto diet. So let’s see in detail.

Which Indian dal is keto friendly

The keto diet is very low carb diet and all our dals are good amount of card. that’s why you can’t take dals full portion while doing keto diet, but you can take a limited portion dal.You can choose a dal after seeing nutritional value. click here and check the nutritional value of all dals.

What is the keto diet?

In this era everyone wants to lose their extra weight. And as we all know when we demand something there is market deliver us the related product. So know the market demanding the weight loss ideas. That’s why there are many diets and plans available to cut those extra kilos. And the ketogenic diet is one of them. In this particular diet, people go on a very less card diet. Like you have to eat only 20 grams of carbs.

Vegetarian Keto diet.

The ketogenic diet is not Indian and most of the other countries are very high numbers of non-vegetarian peoples. The keto diet is designed for non-veg eating peoples, not for the veg guys. However, some dieticians have designed the vegetarian keto diet. I am not saying that the keto diet is not good. But as per opinion keto diet is not for vegetarian peoples. But still, if you want me to suggest some keto-friendly foods for vegetarians then that is below.

Keto-Friendly vegeterian Foods.

A lillte portion of dal

Ya, you can take dal. Because if you a vegetarian and doing a keto diet then your most craving is for dal. So you can take dal but in a very little portion. So that your target of 20 Grams of carbs should not be Crossed.


Can we eat Moong dal in a keto diet?

You can eat moong dal in keto diet, moong dal is very nutritious you can check the nutritional value. And it is very easy to add to your diet. We have Some suggestions for you, Please check them too. Best Moong Dal Sprouts Salad, and Pesarattu a Healthy Vegetarian Recipe. You can take toor dal is also, Or any other dal of your choice but first check its nutritional value then decide the portion you can take.


If you are vegetarian and on a keto diet or planning to go on a keto diet. The Paneer is your best friend you can easily add them in any of your meals.


Spinach is another great option for you this one is also multi-purpose you easily add them in any mean like you can make a salad or you can prepare a dish like palak paneer.

10 Reasons you should fall in love with spinach


The broccoli can be a great option for your lunch or dinner you can also make some dishes like Broccoli bacon and broccoli casserole.


This one is also a very nice option because you can add it to any of your meals by combining it with the ingredients above. Or you can use separately by preparing recipes by baking it or making a casserole.


Mushroom is also a nice one because you can combine it with any of the above ingredients.

Bell Peppers.

This is something you must need if you want to prepare any keto-friendly recipe you want bell peppers.

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