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Watermelon Benefits, The best summer food.

whole watermelon

Watermelon, 1 of best the summer food, whenever I just hear the name my mind got just refreshed we are here to discuss some watermelon benefits, and when to take it, what to take care about, watermelon,

Watermelon Benefits

The first thing I want to say about watermelon is whenever I thought about watermelon my mind got refreshed.

Let’s talk about the benefits.

weight loss

It is very good for weight loss because it has a very large amount of water content which can full you easily but it’s very low in calories. So it’s easily fit in your calorie budget. it’s pocket friendly too.

Good For Digestion

Watermelon, have 80-90 % of water content so it keeps you hydrated the whole day because its fiber contains it to help your digestion system to work properly. watermelon, also detoxify your body. It is very simple to understand when a fibers food with lots of water flushed through your digestive system it can easily flush out toxins with it.

Good for skin

You can easily make a face pack with watermelon, by simply adding some honey and lemon in, you can search for a detailed recipe video or you can click here **( The link is only for your help, not a recommendation).

Good for hair

Watermelon has nutrition that helps our hair to become stronger, and as you all know strong hair = long hair. You can simply add some vinegar in watermelon juice and your hair pack is ready or search for detail recipe video or you can click here **

Good for Oral health

If you take a slice after lunch it can easily clean your whole mouth and because of it’s nutritional contain it made your gums stronger and ( msure me jaan to danto ki shaan)

Good for Gym Going

A regular gym going person has to take lots of protein in the form of food and protein supplements. watermelon is a very good source of vitamin B6 which helps to break amino acid which means it helps protein to absorb in the body easily. one more thing it increases Blood flow which helps in muscle growth.

Good for the immune system

Watermelon is a very good source of Vitamin- C and Vitamin C boosts our Immune System.

Good for baby

There is a time when the child’s teeth are coming out, at that time they take anything in their mouth and try to chew it because of the itchiness. you can give them a piece of watermelon without any worry.

Watermelon Benefits, Healthy Food List

What to be taken care of while eating watermelon.

Don’t drink water after eating watermelon
Don’t eat or drink acidic food like Milk, curd, and buttermilk, after eating watermelon.
Don’t eat watermelon in empty stomach
Don’t eat at night because watermelon is acidic and it may cause indigestion

Best time to eat watermelon

If we talk about the best time it is in the evening around 04pm-05pm, but you can also take after lunch tries to avoid eating at an empty stomach and after dinner.

Watermelon Juice, Watermelon,

Nutritional value

Each 100 Gram of watermelon contains
Calories – 30
Fat – 0.2 Gram
Cholesterol – 0
Sodium – 1 mg
Potassium – 112 mg
Carbohydrates – 8 Gram
Dietary Fiber – 0.4 Gram
Sugar – 6.0 Gram
watermelon girl, healthy food

Watermelon Benefits, The best summer food

So what I hope you guys like this information about watermelon a great fruit to must-have in summer and summer are here and watermelon is available out there let’s go get and have fun.
If you have anything to say I am always there at comment section let me know what you think about my blog
If you want to know about 5 food that full of dietary fiber Click here 
** Note – All External links given are only for your help( Reference) they are not a recommendation.  

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