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Flax Seeds, The best vegetarian source of omega-3

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Raw flax seed

Here we are again with wonderful Indian food, called” flax seeds” its is the main source of, omega-3, for vegetarians, So let’s get started.  



Nutritional Facts of flaxseed

100 Grams of flax seeds contains
calories -534
Total fat -42 gram
Saturated fat -3.7 Grams
Cholesterol – 0 Grams
Dietary fiber – 27 Gram
Sugar – 1.6 Gram 

Normally I don’t show the nutrition chart because I know you all can google it easily but in that food, item thought I can’t explain to you without this, I thought now you will understand it easily.

If you are the 90s or 80s kid like me I am sure will remember your grandma giving you a spoon of Flaxseed powder with rice or roti whatever is your meal that time. It again proves that our ancient is better than the so-called modern food culture. Ok, let’s talk about the benefits of flax seeds.


Omega-3, Flax Seed
So it’s very rich in plant base dietary fiber and omega-3 let’s talk about omega-3 because we have already a post about Dietary Fiber you can also read that to by clicking here. Now coming back to Omega-3 there are many sources of omega-3 if you are non-vegetarian but if you are a vegetarian there are very few sources of omega-3 which are easily available 

Why You should take flax seeds

Indian Food, Healthy Food
We are taking lots of omega-6 in the form of refined oils and in our today’s lifestyle, we can not avoid eating outside in total. So whenever you have a chance to eat at home comfort try to eat some healthy food. and flax seeds are high in Omega-3, rich in vitamins like B1, B6 & B9. High in manganese, High in magnesium, help in weight loss, Help in, Hormonal balance, and its naturally reduce your sugar craving 

Side effects. 

Flax Seed, Indian Foos
The flax seeds are warm in nature and its oil have numbers of side effects like skin acne and some time it can cause some digestive issue too, So it’s highly recommended that don’t consume it in excessive amount.

How to use

Healthy Food, Flax Seed
There are too many methods to use flax seeds in your diet. But here I am including the best one.
Simply Rost the seed in the pan without using any oil and make a powder after getting cold, after that you can use it 1-2 teaspoon in a salad, chapati,cheela, smoothie, protein shake, etc


The Indian Healthy food that, breaking the internet, “Flax Seeds”

So, friends, that’s all for this post if you want anything else about this matter or anything else feels free to comment down me, I shall definitely answer you. Thank you. If you found something useful don’t forget to share this. 




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