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Pesarattu a Healthy Vegetarian Recipe


Pesarattu or Green Gram dosa is a south Indian Vegetarian Recipe. It is a very healthy breakfast option and it is full of nutrition. Have Pesarattu for weight loss

Pesarattu, Moong dal dosa Recipe
Green Gram Dosa

1.Pesarattu benefits

The best thing is that you can customize it as per your requirement if you want high fiber low calories then make it with green grams only pesarattu calories are very low in the count. But if you can take it little low or high then you can add some soaked rice to make it more crispy or you can add semolina and gram flour also.
You can add paneer in Stuffing and make it protein-rich or you add a scumbled egg as stuffing as per your protein requirement. That way a person who is following any kind diet plan can add a pesrattu in his diet by customizing it

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            For Pesarattu

     1.        Whole green grams

 2.Salt ( To Taste)

      2.       Turmeric Powder

       3. Chili Powder

            For Stuffing

      1.       Paneer 100gram

      2.       French beans

      3.       Carrots

      4.       Capsicum

      5.       Green Peas

      6.       Tomatoes

      7.       Onions

      8.       Curry leafs

3.Pesarattu easy recipe

Keep the Green Grams for Soaking up 5 hours ( Over Night). Add Green Grams 

in a grinder jar along with Turmeric, Salt  and chili ( you can add 1 or 2 green chilies instead of red chili powder) grind them  and make a nice batter now keep them aside let’s make stuffing

Firstly chop all the vegetables then take a pan add some first add curry leaves let them splatter then add onions and Saute them till they become transparent now add all the vegetables except tomatoes and saute them until vegetables get cooked add tomatoes cook for another one now switch the gas off add paneer and sprinkle some black pepper on it.

Now let’s make the Pesarattu take a pan ( non-sticky dosa tawa if available otherwise take whichever is available ) add little oil/Butter let butter heat turn the flame low and spread the batter on pan now turn the flame to medium wait until you, it’s become golden brown from the bottom and cooked well, spread the stuffing on it and your delicious and super healthy breakfast is ready.

Pesarattu, Moong dal Dosa, Healthy Vegetarian Recipe
Green Gram Dosa


You can Some Soaked rice Before grinding the batter can make your Pesarattu more crispy but it can increase carbohydrate in it.

You can make a groundnut or Coconut chutney with this, Groundnut and Coconut chutney can also be made in a healthy way. I shall try to write a post about this soon.

Pesarattu, Moong Dal Dosa,
Whole Moong Dosa

So friends hope you will like the recipe and enjoy having this.

If you have any query feel free to comment down below I will definitely answer.

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