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What is Matira Fruit in Rajasthan

Matira fruit in Rajasthan

Matira Fruit in Rajasthan is Fruit like watermelon. This is wild fruit mostly grows in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. It’s also known As Marwar ka Mava

Matira fruit in Rajasthan is watermelon like wild fruit not cultivated but grows itself. .Almost looks like watermelon but this one is not the same as watermelon. The botanical name is also the same. its botanical name is Citrullus lanatus. The color of the fruit is just like a watermelon from outside. But a little lighter (Red) from inside and also not a little less sweet than watermelon. It can grow up to 10 to 12 kg.

Matira Fruit in English

Matira and watermelon have the same botanical name and they look alike. But Matira is a little different due to weather conditions you can see the difference in the pictures below. Matira is found only in Marwar. That’s why it has no other name in English. Its English name is watermelon itself. So in English Matira is called Watermelon.

Difference between watermelon and Matira

The first difference is that watermelon properly cultivated but matir is a wild fruit it grows. The watermelon has varieties but matira has its mood I mean it can be a kg size or it can be 10 kg. They are different from inside as you can see in the image above. Their vines are also a little different as you can see in image below. and the most wonderful thing about matira is it can be preserved up months but as you know watermelon can’t be stored up to weeks.

Matira Curry

As I mentioned matira is less sweet than a watermelon. That’s why it’s perfect for a very delicious curry. The matira curry is one of the favorite curries from Rajasthan. Sometimes people called it watermelon curry but the truth is that this curry is matira curry and matira is not the same as watermelon.

Cultural value

Matira is also connected with the culture of Marwar. This fruit is especially used for Laxmi puja at the occasion of Deepawali. In the Marwar reason, they believe that at least one matira must be bought by every family on the occasion of Diwali for Laxmi puja.


Cultivation time

Matira and watermelon are looked almost the same. But their cultivation time is different. As you know the watermelons are found in summer-like in the month of April and May. But the matira came in the market in the rainy season in the month of Aug and Sep. And as I mentioned they preserve it at least up to Deepawali. many travelers have mentioned. About the matira Fruit in Rajasthan.

Marvar Ka mava

The English meaning of mava is condensed milk. But this word doesn’t express the feeling which mava has. Actually the mava is dried milk. But the word represents something smooth sweet and tasty. And the matira is called Marwar ka mava because of its smooth texture and sweet taste. by the way, Marwar is also famous for mava sweets.

Matira ki Rad

Matira is not only famous due to its taste and health. Rather a fight was fought for it, which also makes it famous. The story is of 1644 BC, Silava village of Bikaner state, and Jakhania village of Nagaur state, They are in an equivalent position. A matira’s tree was grown in the state of Bikaner, which spread to the state of Nagaur. A fruit was planted in the vine, And that become reason for fight between two states, which later took the form of a huge war. This war has been known as “Matira ki Rad” in history.

The picture credit of Matira Images Goes to my Dear friend Mr. Vijay Kumar. Thanks a lot, Dear. By the way, these fruits are from his village

So that is about Matira fruit in Rajasthan. Thank you for reading

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