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Why Lychee is a disputed fruit

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You must have understood from the title that today we are going to talk about litchi, but today we will not talk only about the advantages and disadvantages. Today we will first talk about the other propaganda of lychee spread recently. I will try to seek answers to almost all questions asked frequently. Let’s see the nutrition table.



Nutrational facts

In 100 grams of litchi
Calories – 66 kcal
Carbohydrate – 14.53 grams
Sugar – 15.23 grams
Dietary Fiber – 1.3 grams
Fat – 0.4 grams
Protein – 0.73 grams
Vitamin C – 41.5 mg
Calcium – 5 mg
Magnesium – 10 mg
Potassium – 171 mg
Phosphorus – 31 mg
Sodium – 1 mg

So as you can see, lychee is a very nutritious fruit as well as it is very tasty. All those people who have eaten litchi will agree with me. Now for those who do not know what is litchi, I am going to give a little introduction of litchi.

Litchi tree, Lychee Image

What is litchi

The scientific name of litchi (Litchi chinensis) is found in most of the hot states of China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and nowadays in the USA in states like Florida. Apart from this, litchi is found in South Africa and some other  South Asian countries. Bihar accounts for 70% of the total production in India! The litchi of Muzaffarpur in Bihar is the most popular, Huge quantity of litchi originating in Muzaffarpur is exported abroad. Also, it is sent to various places in the country.

Shahi Litchi of Muzaffarpur is also sent to the President and Prime minister of India every year.

Are litchi bad for healthy
In simple words, the answer is no. Like we all know that you can’t eat any fruit or vegetable over a limit. The extent of the eating of that fruit or vegetable is determined by two things, first, what is the amount of toxic substance found in it, or after which quantity of the elements found in it can reach the harm. Second, how much quantity your body allows you, that means how strong is your immune system.
Keeping this ratio in mind, if you eat litchi, litchi is a very beneficial fruit.

Overdose of  lychee

We have been told some precautions about litchi since childhood, like, do not eat litchi in the empty stomach, do not drink water immediately after eating litchi, do not eat litchi more than 10-12 at a time. When we were told these things, then the scientific harm caused by this was not told to us. Maybe for this we slowly started forgetting these things and you all heard the outcome. Lychee has always been asked to eat in limited quantities. Whether it is through our elders or through our Doctors

Lychee and controversy

Lychee has an old relationship with controversies. In 1962, it was found for the first time in the lychee seeds that (methylenecyclopropylglycine) is known as hypoglycin A  in the common term. Reason for Hypoglycemia in the study of animals
The conclusion of these things is that there is one toxic substance in the lychee seed, which can be the cause of many diseases.

Lychee’s relation to Chamki Bukhar (acute encephalitis syndrome)

Lychee cannot be directly associated with chamki fever because the production and consumption of litchi occur in many places in the world, but the disease has been found only in India (Muzaffarpur of  Bihar), Vietnam and Bangladesh.
But it cannot be denied because it is at the time of litchi and it is in those places where litchi cultivated.
What do the reports say
In 2013, a report by the US-based CDC (Centers for Disease Control),  had reported a fever due to hypoglycemia. And had issued a guideline for the parents of the affected area, to set a limit of eating litchi, do not allow them to sleep empty stomach, keep them hydrated, don’t let them eat litchi in empty stomach, etc.

lychee overdose, Litchi Image

Lychee and rumors

Like I mentioned above, after the suggestion from CDC, the market of rumors got hot and different rumors started spreading everywhere. And for chamki fever litchi is directly attributed, but the truth is that litchi is not the direct cause of chamki bukhar. the direct cause for chamki bukhar is malnutrition and many other reasons. Yes, litchi can also be included in those reasons. if the child eats it in an empty stomach,  The morning is the time when our blood sugar level is low it because we haven’t eaten anything in the past 7 or 8 hours and litchi can inflame your blood sugar with a spike. it can cause many neurological issues.
Now you will say that if nothing happens with the litchi then why the government has not given the second guideline, Yes there are other guidelines and doctor interviews saying that litchi is nothing to do with chamki bukhar . But they did not get much attraction
Here is the link of the interview of Dr. Gopal Shankar, the acting HOD of the SKMCH(Shri Krishna medical college Muzaffarpur), you can read the entire article if you want. Also, there is a link to the testimony of Dr. Arun Shah, another eminent doctor of Muzaffarpur, if you wish, you can also click here and read it.

acute encephalitis syndrome
Picture Credit New18

What are the precautions

Like it happens today with all fruits, pesticides are also used in litchi. So whenever you bring litchi, wash it thoroughly. So that if it contains a part of insecticide, then it does not reach to your stomach through your hands. The second thing is that in lychee, the stalk sometimes has insect, so make sure to check it before eating

The conclusion

If you have read my entire article, then I do not think you need my conclusion.
But the conclusion is must.
See, my side is very clear. We have already discussed that litchi comes with a warning and that warning is still there. there is no change after AES scenario. You can eat litchi as you eating it before with a little precaution. The precaution does not come after chamki bukhar it is with lychee always. Read below what changed


Do you know how Benefitable litchi is for your health

That not the end about litchi one more article is there about Benefits and some more side effects not about more side effects but we will discuss in-depth about them. Click here for the next article.


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