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How balanced diet boost the immune system

Boost immunity

We are going to talk about two-point 1st one is, What is a balanced diet, and 2nd is Does it help to boost the immune system.

What is a diet plan

A diet plan is basically a food and supplement chart designed on the basis of nutrition required for the fitness goal of the person for whom the diet plan is designed.
There are many diet plan available around the globe but every diet plan has its certain goal like some has weight loss, some have a weight gain, others have muscle gain, etc. for example Ketogenic diet, Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet, Low calories diet, Low-fat diet, and Low Sugar diet Etc. You can read about them by clicking here

What is a balanced diet

Friends a Balanced diet mean a diet plant which has all the necessary ingredient w  either they have any goal or them just want to stay fit. Mostly a balanced diet can help you to stay fit.

which can full fill our body’s daily requirement which can be followed by anyone. when it came to a balanced diet plan it’s mean a diet plan that anyone can follow

Balance Diet Plan. healthy food
Balance diet plate

How to make a balanced diet plan

 Now we came to the plan see there is no chart available which can suit every type of body and age group people so what you have to do is to understand your body fist, your body need is very simple, it’s need protein, carbohydrates, Dietary fiber and micro nutritions like Vitamins, minerals, etc. Let’s talk about your lifestyle it is very important when you are going the design a custom diet plan for you.
a)      Office Job
The consumption of this nutrition depends on your lifestyle if you are in a 6 to 9 office job and you are not going through stress then your body need only maintenance calories and a very limited quantity of other nutritions for muscle, immunity, and bones, etc.
 You can make minor changes in the Balance diet according to your medical history or a properly balanced diet is good enough for you.
b)      Field jobs
If you are doing an outside job like at construction sites, Sales and marketing, Running a shop in an open market, a delivery person or you are doing any other job in which you have to spend you, whole outside meeting people.

Then you have to take care of some points.

You have to face extreme weather conditions, Always Remember to add some food that can safeguard you from that weather condition like in summers try to add some natural food that can keep you hydrated, boost your immunity, and give you refreshment too. For example Buttermilk, Watermelon, Natural Lemon drinks ( not the packed one).
You have to take care of your skin too because you stay out the whole day and have to face harmful Sunrays. So add some food for that too like carrots, papayas, some of the nuts, etc

The Nutrition Percentage

 So here we are going to discuss the required percentage of this main nutritions the quantity of same shall be different as per your body type, it can be simply found out, there are many calculators available on the internet which can do it for you simply you have to put your, height weight and age that all. So now let’s talk about the Percentage


      Protein intake should be 15% Or (1gram = 1kg of your body weight) of your diet. What you have to do is to make a variation in it and variation is easy for a no-vegetarian person but for vegetarian guys, there are limited of protein source available so must include dairy in your diet now again here you have to decide whether it is toned or whole as per your requirement.


 Carbohydrates, The main source of carbs is grain-like Wheat, Rice, Bajra, Ragi, and millets. Reduce your carbs quantity if your goal is to lose weight otherwise it should be 30 %. Remember one thing always use whole grain otherwise, you will miss the dietary fiber in your diet


     Vegetables, This something you can’t miss tries to add vegetables in your all three meals at least you must have in two of your main meal and vegetable should be in a rainbow format, add some green, some red, some violets, some yellow, some white. If availability is an issue at least try a variation. The percentage should be 25 %.
Balance diet, Healthy Food list


      Fruits you also Must need to add fruits, you can take any seasonal fruit which one available. Try to eat them whole. You can take fruits between your meals, fruits are a very good option for it. and The percentage of fruit should be 20%.

   Sugar and Fat

 Sugar And Fat, If you can try to stop using refine sugar and refine oils then it is best for you but if you can’t there are many natural and healthy options available of refining sugar and refine oil If you are unable to do that at least try to reduce it as much as possible. The percentage should be Below by 10%

  Does it help to boost the immune system?

I don’t think this question is still alive but lets us talk about some points.
But it still wants an answer then it’s Yes, A customized balanced diet plan can boost your Immune system.
See know this is clear that if we are following a balanced diet that means we are healthy and you can not call you self healthy if your immune system is weak .  after following a balanced diet, eating whole day clean, having Vitamin – C, in a sufficient amount still you feel that you have a weak immune system then don’t take it lite you need a Doctor.
BAlanced Diet, Immunity
So that’s it from my side I Can write an individual article on each point, I have discussed in this article ** but I found too many questions regarding this matter so I have tried to conclude everything in a short article but if you still have any query feel free to comment down below, I shall definitely answer you.
And the last thing if you are here for the question
Balanced diet boost your immune system yes or no
I thought you got your answer

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