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What are The Benefits of Kala Chana

Kala chana

Today we are going to talk about Kala Chana, its Health Benefits, and Kala chana side effects. Also tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet 


Here in India chickpeas are very widely used. Can I say chickpeas  Kala chana for the rest of this article because I think we can easily connect with the thing called Kala chana? Black chickpeas are sound strange to me. Ok, let’s came to the point, first see the nutritional facts.

Kala chana nutritional value per 100g

Calories         360 kcal
Fat                   06 grams

Cholesterol       0 Gram
Sodium          24 mg
Potassium          875 mg
Carbohydrates  61 gram
Dietary Fiber  17 gram
Sugar          11 gram
Protein          18 Gram
Iron                   03 Mg

So now You all know the nutritional value of Kala chana, then I think you also have some idea what it can do in our body, let’s have some more information about Kala chana advantages.

Kala chana health benefits

1.Rich source of vegetarian protein

As I also mentioned in my previous articles that there are very fewer sources of protein if you are a vegetarian, black chana is one of them. All protein sources available for vegetarians have some other nutritions they are not a lean source of protein, this is also one of them. Some people recommend soya as the best protein for vegetarians but we can talk about this in a separate article.

Kala Chana, Black Chickpeas

2.Very good for weight balance 

There very few Healthy foods that can help you in both weight loss and weight gain and this can do both for you. You can simply take soaked Chana with milk for weight gain or you can also take it with soya at breakfast time for weight gain. For weight loss take some soaked or Sprouted chickpeas with Lemon juice you add chopped onion and tomatoes also.

3. Good for the Digestive System

It has a very good quantity of dietary fiber which makes it good for the digestive system and the same thing will make it bad for your digestive system. it can cause indigestion, acidity, and constipation if your digestion system is not good, Here the point came if it causes indigestion and acidity then how could it be good for digestion. So for this, you have to change the way to take it, like you can take cooked simply take soaked Chana and cooked it in a pressure cooker with a minimum spice ( Comment me if you want me to upload recipe ) and have it without any worry. You can take Roasted Kala Chana Flour ( Sattu) As morning Drink it makes your digestion system strong. And if your Digestion system is good then take it Raw.

4. Sprout Or Soaked

Both are good but in different conditions, as I mentioned before a person with a weak digestion system cannot be recommended to have Soaked Black Chana and when we are talking about sprouts they more are heavy to digest in another hand they are richer in nutrition, Sprouting is like charging the stored energy which a plant was taken from all around and store it for its reproduction and the sprout is the peak point of its charging after this the newborn have to survive by its own. So a person who has a good digestive system and doing physical activity can take Sprouts otherwise you can take it cooked.


To more about Sprouts Visit the link below

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5. Keeps you, Full

It has a good amount of fiber and protein and also other nutritions. Taking chickpeas as breakfast can keep you full for a day-long and control your appetite which can help you to stay away from junk foods.

6. Make your heart Strong.

High fiber Potassium, Vitamin –C, And vitamin B6 Content all support heart health. Chickpeas contain a significant amount of fiber which lowers the total amount of cholesterol in the blood which decreases the chance of heart disease.

7.Control blood sugar level

Chickpeas have a low GI also a great source of fiber and protein all properties that support healthy blood sugar level because fiber slows carve absorption which promotes a steady rise on blood sugar levels rather than a spike.

8. Inexpensive and easily available 

Kala chana is always available around us at an affordable cost and it can be used in any form like breakfast, lunch, Dinner, or Snacks between the main meal. In India Chickpeas are very widely used I think that is the 1 thing that can unite all Indian cousins it’s in Gujrati Dhokla, Rajasthani Namkeens, Bihari Pakora, South Indian non-veg pakoras, Bengali Begin, And most important Mumbai’s vada pav.
By the way, all of this is not healthy especially fried ones. My personal favorite is dhokla and Roasted chana it has a specialty that its self-life can easily store up 60 days in an airtight container and a healthy munching option is always with you. Ok, let’s move to the next point.

9. Good  Source Iron

One of the cheapest sources of iron in 100 Gram there 03 mg of iron available which is  20% of a human’s daily need, with other important nutritions is help to produce more red blood cells and may prevent you from anemia.

10.Kala chana disadvantages

Kala Chana can be harmful to the person suffering from Arthritis also not advised to the person suffering from kidney stones. We have already discussed that it is not good for a person with low digestion power. If you have already started eating Chickpeas, and you feeling bloated, acidity, indigestion, you immediately stop having it, and if the problem continues its time to meet your Doctor.

Does Kala chana cause constipation?

Indigestion is the cause of fiber, fiber helps your digestion if it is in the right quantity if you start eating extra fiber it can cause problems. In a simple way, the work of fiber is to dissolve with other food and help them to digest along with but if you eat an excessive amount of fiber it put an extra load on your digestive system. So be in limit be safe to be healthy.

Kala Chana, Health Benefits of Chickpeas

I hope I have resolved your queries. If anything else let me know in the comment box below.
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