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Magical combination of garlic and honey for weight loss

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Garlic and honey for weight loss

Let’s discuss about the magical combination of garlic and honey for weight loss. How to prepare it and When to eat it for the best result

First, we will the nutritional value of both garlic and honey. Later we will discuss the benefits and side effects of the combination. So make sure you read the article till the end So that you can get the full information about this combination.

Nutritional facts of Garlic and Honey

How to make garlic and honey

Fermented honey garlic

Believe me, it's very simple. You just need four or five head of garlic and a cup of raw honey. Simply peel the garlic, and put them in an airtight jar make sure to take a bigger jar than the actual quantity. Put the peeled garlic in the jar them gently pour the honey in it. Make sure that garlics are nicely coated by flipping the jar. you can aet it instanly but for better resuilt store it upto two month.

Now why I am saying to take a bigger jar, because when garlic and honey start fermenting. it’s created some bubbles. one more thing to take care is when you store it in cool dry place don’t tight the jar lead allow the gas to come out.

garlic and honey for weight loss

Instant garlic honey

Garlic and honey can be consumed instantly. by crushing the garlic cloves and mixing honey in it. but it's taste is horrible, especially if you are having it the first time. After a few days, you can easily eat raw garlic also.

Garlic and honey for weight loss

Let me tell you how to eat garlic for weight loss. As I mentioned above take raw garlic and the best to have it for weight loss is in the morning in an empty stomach. Having it in morning is more effective then eating garlic at night for weight loss.

garlic and honey

Garlic and honey benefits on empty stomach

One of the reasons behind increasing body fat is a slow metabolism. if your metabolism is slow then your body fat should increase for sure. Eating garlic honey in an empty stomach can increase your metabolism speed. Which results in faster fat loss.

Honey garlic for immunity

Both garlic and honey are very rich in antioxidant properties. So if you want an iron-clad immune system you must include them in your diet. Not only the way which I have mentioned above. But you can include them in your favorite way also.

What is Allicin

An active compound found in garlic is known as allicin. which can strengthen our overall heart health. and to extract more allicin it is suggested to use fresh crushed garlic. because it is observed that using the whole garlic or garlic paste release less allicin. So use freshly crushed garlic.


Garlic and honey for blood pressure.

Medicine properties of garlic and honey can heal blood clouted. And it makes blood thinner which makes blood flow easier. And helps your body to maintain healthy blood pressure naturally. It also improves your overall cardiovascular health.

Garlic contains sulfur with anti-inflammatory properties and honey prevents clotting which promotes better circulation. Both work to strengthen our veins and also reduce the possibility of issues like varicose veins and thrombosis.

Take a spoonful of garlic and honey in an empty stomach and you be definitely benefited.

garlic and honey for weight loss

Garlic and honey to control bad Cholesterol

Garlic and honey can also help you to lower your bad cholesterol level. As I mentioned above that garlic contains allicin. Allicin can flush the bloodstream of surplus cholesterol found there. It helps to stabilize the fat level in the blood.

Garlic and honey to reduce inflammation

Both garlic and honey can fight inflammation Separately. but when we mix them, together they become more efficient in reducing inflammation. They also give relief in associated symptoms with joint problems, water retention, and sore muscles.

Garlic and honey to fight from common cold and flu

This remedy is very commonly used in India. As we discussed that this mixture can boost our immunity. That why this is very helpful to fight from a common cold quickly. If taken regularly it can also fight from symptoms of seasonal cold and flu.

Cold and flu

honey and Garlic for men

Garlic honey is also beneficial for men’s fertility. In some cases, it can also cure erectile dysfunction. This remedy is also suggested by Ayurveda. and has used for a long while.


I think now you can understand the effect of honey and garlic. And What the garlic and honey for weight loss can do. So you can try this remedy. in initial days you feel heartburn or acidity but there nothing to worry about. If it continues then stop taking this.

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