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Does Makhana Cause Constipation in Babies

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does makhana cause constipation in babies

Makhana has a number of health benefits. And also known as other names like Fox nut, Gorgon nut Phool Makhana, and a botanical name Euryale Ferox.

What is makhana

The English name of Makhan is fox nut is also known as Gorgon nut. The botanical name is Euryale Ferox
Fox Nut/Makhana For the rest of the article I am going to use makhana only. Because I am very familiar with this word hope you all have no issue with that.

Makhana’s Value in Hinduism

In India Makhana is easily available in all parts of the country. Because it has multiple uses in Hindu spirituality, it is also known as God’s Food. Because of its pureness and medical properties. Makhana kheer is distributed as Prasada after worship.

Where does makhana cames from

It is obtained from a water plant called Prickly waterlily. The plant is from the family of water lily. I shall try to write a separate article on how the makhanas obtained. Because it is impossible to describe that process in a few words. so let’s talk about the Benefits of Makhana.

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Makhana for Babies

You can find hundreds of articles. Saying that eating a hand full of nut is very healthy for the human body. But nut like almond, cashew, and walnuts are not suitable for babies. But you can easily give makhana to your babies to full fill daily nutrition.

Does it cause constipation in babies

As we all know that adding dietary fiber to your diet can cure constipation. But eating excess amounts of dietary fiber can also cause constipation. And of course, makhana is a very good source of dietary fiber. In 100 grams of makhana, you will get around 14 grams of fiber. So yes if you are giving too much makhana to your baby it can cause constipation.

Matar Makhana curry
Matar makhana

Makhana Health Benefits

For Heart

Good For Heart, Makhana is low in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and high in potassium, Therefore, it is a perfect option for munching between two meals and there are lots of snacks recipe available on the internet. Makhana can be taken as your main meal to there also so many recipes of makhana curry are available on the internet.  

For Bones

Good for Bones, Makhana is very high in calcium and for healthy bones, we must need calcium. It is proven that regular use of makhana in limited quantity can make our bones more healthy and also cure pain in multiple parts of our body

For Digestion

Good for Digestion, Makhana has a good quantity of dietary fiber in it. As we know that dietary fiber is good for the digestive system but makhana has its different way when you take it as a snack option you take it before your main meal and taking a good quantity of fiber before your main meal can take your digestive system to next level.


For Diabetic

Good for diabetics, Makhana is high Protein, Carbohaidrets, dietary fiber, and low in sugar and its glycemic index is also low so it helps to reduce blood sugar level.  

For Weight loss

Help in weight loss, When you taking a weight loss challenge you have ignored many of your favorite foods but along with this you are going through a huge body change and that is the time when your body needs some special nutrition and makhana can help you with this. I think I have given you enough reasons to add Makhana in your diet. Let’s talk about some side effects.

Makhana Side Effects For Babies

Makhana Side effects

a) Makhana may be allergic so keep it mint when you start having makhana and if you found any symptoms of allergy please consult to your nearby doctor.

b) If you are taking medicine for diabetic please don’t start having makhana without consulting your doctor. It may cause a serious health issue because Makhana has medical properties that can reduce the blood sugar level. And the medicine you are taking are also to reduce blood sugar level. So it may happen that your blood level goes to a very low level. And that can create a serious medical condition. So if you are taking some other medicine also don’t start having Makhana without your doctor’s permission.

c) It also can cause some digestive issues like acidity un-digestion if taken in a large quantity. So take it in a limited quantity.

d) makhana side effects for babies, Above mentioned side effects, also happens to babies. So you have to careful because babies can’t explain their problems. when you giving it to your baby keep an eye on them.

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