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Does Eating Parwal/Pointed gourd Cause Gas

Does Parwal Cause Gas.

The pointed gourd is a very popular green vegetable in northern India. It is popularly known as parwal in India. The botanical name of parwal is Trichosanthes dioica. It is mostly cultivated in Riverbanks or in sandy soil. Let’s see some benefits of parwal and Also check Does Parwal causes gas.

What is parwal

The pointed gourd is a vine plant with a heart shape leaves, The plant is similar to cucumber and squash. Its shape of the fruit is oval and it grows up to 8-10 cm. Parwal is used as the main summer vegetable in Bihar, Orrisa, West Bengal. It is used in both gravy and dry form. Parwal is also used to make some delicious sweets. Parwal looks similar to ivy gourd/ Kundri but it different and grows bigger than kundri.

Nutritional value of 100 gram Parwal

⬤ Calories – 20 Kcal

⬤ Protein – 02 gram

⬤ Fat – 03 gram

⬤ Dietary fiber – 03 gram

⬤ Carbs – 4.2 grams

⬤ Vitamin A – 225 IU

⬤ Vitamin C – 29 mg

⬤ Calcium – 30 mg

⬤ Iron – 1.7 mg

As mentioned above Parwal is very rich in both micro and macro nutrition. Parwal are sessional vegetable and they cames in summer. let’s see the benefits of Parwal/ pointed gourd.

Difference Between Kundru and Parwal

Let’s break down the difference between ivy gourd and pointed gourd. The main similarity of Parwal and Kundru is their similar look. As you can see in the picture they both look the same. But if you look carefully at both, then you find the difference between parwal and tendli/kundru, both will look completely different. The parwal is slightly rough from the outer side while the top layer of the kundari is very smooth. Parwal is about 8-10 cm in size while the size of kundari is 4 to 6 cm. There are also differences in the plant of both vegetables. Both plants are vine and heart-shaped leaves. But the parwal has hairy leaves, and it is Itchy if you came in touch with it. but the leaves of kundru/ ivy gourd are silky smooth. They are also very different in taste Kundru is starchy and parwal is dry. So that is pointed gourd vs ivy gourd.

difference between parwal and tendli
Parwal and Kundru

Health benefits of Parwal/ Pointed gourd

The pointed gourd is a very healthy green vegetable. It is very nutritious and helps you to cure diseases like constipation, diabetes, flu and also help you in weight loss.

Cure Constipation

Parval has 03 Grams of dietary fiber in 100 Gram. And food with high dietary fiber can ease your bowel movement and cure constipation. Other than this the seeds in parval can help to ease stool and help you to cure constipation. It can also help you to solve gastrointestinal and other liver problems. It is well known that a healthy digestive system is a key to a healthy life. It is very good to add this green veggie to your diet for two or three months.

Does Parwal Cause Gas?

Normally pointed gourd cannot cause any gas issue, Parwal can cure gas issues. But if taken in excessive amount or you have eaten a very oily and spicy recipe. It may cause gas or indigestion. If you have eaten excessively the high fiber content can create indigestion. If you have eaten spicy and oily recipes, The high amount of oil and spice can cause gas issues. Hope now you know, Does Parwal cause Gas

Help to reduce Flue

According to Ayurveda parwal can help you to reduce Kapha dosha and boost your immunity. So if you often feel cold and flue then parval can help you to stay healthy.

Purifies Blood

Pointed gourd can Purifies Blood in a natural way. By regulating Kapha dosha parwal can purify our blood. It can clean our blood tissues and flush all the toxins, By doing this it can also give you glowing skin too.

Help In weight loss

In 100 grams of parwal you only get 20 Kcal calories. And has also 03 Grams of dietary fiber in it. If you are planning to do a low-calorie diet then the pointed gourd is the best choice for you.

Control Blood sugar level

Seeds of parwal have medicinal use it can reduce your blood sugar level. So next time when you prepare a parwal recipe don’t throw these seeds.

Anti-ageing properties

Wrinkles and fine lines are very common problems when age. The antioxidants and vitamin A and C Present in Parwal help you to fight these problems.

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