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Does Bottle Gourd/Lauki cause Constipation

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Does lauki cause Constipation.

Does lauki cause constipation? Lauki is a summer season green vegetable. Lauki called bottle gourd in English. The scientific name of lauki is Lagenaria siceraria is also known as Calabash, White flower gourd, long melon, and Tasmania. In India, Bottle gourd is called Lauki, Ghiya, Dhoodhi, and Kaddua. We will discuss in this article about lauki and does it cause constipation.

Lauki Nutrition Facts 145g ( 1 Cup)

Calories – 17 Kcal
Protein – 0.3 Grams
Carbs – 3.6 Grams
Fat – 0.1 Grams
Fiber – 2.9 Grams

Vitamin C -14.6 mg
Vitamin B9 – 8.7 mcg

Magnesium – 37.7 mg
Phosphorous – 14.5 mg
Potassium – 26.2 mg
Calcium – 29 mg
Sodium – 2.61 mg

What is lauki.

It comes from the gourd family, The Cucurbitaceae group of vine plants, Similar to cucumber, zucchini, Luffa Etc. Like all other gourds bottle gourd plant is also a vine growing straight or climbing through support. In Ayurveda, Lauki is used to treat multiple Diseases like jaundice, diabetes, Swelling, and Skin Disease. As its name suggests the appearance of the fruit is like a bottle. The color is fruit green sometimes a little yellowish. The flesh of bottle-gourd fruit is white.


Does lauki cause Constipation?

Does lauki cause constipation? Lauki/bottle gourd is full of nutrients and minerals.92% of lauki is water and the rest you can see in the mentioned nutritional table. The Lauki is rich in fiber and has both soluble. And non-soluble fiber. It acts like medicine in constipation.

Not only in constipation. It can also help you to cure other intestinal disses like flatulence and piles.


In our modern-day diet dietary fiber is almost gone from our diet. Especially the soluble fiber. We have almost skipped all the sources of soluble fiber. In such a scenario, bottle gourd is one of our must-have green vegetables.

Constipation is a very common problem nowadays, People normally don’t take seriously this problem but it can turn into some big problems like piles. To avoid constipation the dietary fiber is our best friend And lauki is the vegetable that you can add to all your meal by preparing some healthy recipes.

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