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Desi Ghee, Clarified butter, Is it healthy or Unhealthy

Clarified butter

Today we are going to talk about the golden butter oil, clarified butter or desi ghee. How negative marketing of some brand make an unhealthy image of our desi superfood

Home made desi ghee

Effect of the wrong advertising

The 70s and 80s was the time when multinational food giants are approaching the Indian market with
with there highly effective marketing policy And that time our laws regarding advertisement and marketing was not so stricken ( not so stricken till now but better than before) this food giant started there to campaign against our healthy and easily available foods ( there are many examples but today we will discuss ghee only) to sell there so-called fancy and healthy foods like refining oil and Vegetable oil Dalda was an example. They intensively bad published the ghee as unhealthy for heart  And we started thinking negatively about our own healthy food which.

Now Before you leave this article thinking that this is some kind of article that is only telling about benefits, what about the fat percentage in it and cholesterol, etc. Wait let me clear something then if you wish you can leave the page

The problem with Ghee

See when someone tells you about any healthy food you must always ask about the quantity because all food comes with a limit warning and it surly become unhealthy when you eat it in an excessive quantity.
The same thing applies to Desi ghee. The most important thing that you always keep in your mind is, it is a source of saturated fat. So it only consumed in the limit of your diet plan’s Fat Percentage. For the person who is not following any diet plan, I can say you mat take 2-3 Teaspoon without any worry.  Butyric acid is found in ghee Because of this Butyric Acid people who consume lots of ghee may feel body ODOR After keeping this in your mind now let’s talk about other things.
Clarified butter, Home made desi ghee

Finding good quality desi ghee.

Now, this the main issue for people living in the urban area, it is best if you can make it at home but if you can’t make it at home. try to buy it from gaushala nearby you or you can try some organic brands which you can trust, If you not getting quality products then how could you expect benefits from it. Unavailability is not such a big issue, because demand makes things produced when we create demand production of the quality product should automatically raise.

What not to do

Don’t eat desi ghee sweets too much because in sweets there is a lot of refined sugar is used and they both can harm you. Don’t eat ghee with curd or curd made a thing like buttermilk or curry (which curd is used) etc, they create a negative reaction.
Never eat ghee with honey it considered poison.

How to eat

The best way of eating desi ghee is to mix it with prepared meals. You can take with milk also it has very beneficial for our body.  Try to avoid dip fried items of desi ghee. Always remember don’t eat in excessive quantity


It contains Butyric Acid in the form of Sort chain fatty acid,
Our body converts fiber into butyric acid since it has already had it, it makes our digestive system easier. Food cooked in desi ghee is lighter to digest. Saturated fat in ghee is Sort chain fatty acid which helps our body to cut down stubborn fat.
It is said that if you put a drop of ghee in your nose daily, All the parts of the upper body above collar bone like neck, face, eyes, ears, hair, and brain are stay nourished
And like some other dairy product it does not have tyramine in it, that why it is editable up to a very long time if stored in a good condition. Best way to store is to keep in an airtight glass jar in a cool and dry place

It’s more than a food

In India, we have a different angle of viewing anything, and our ancestors were very aware to pay gratitude for anything we getting from mother nature for our well being. And they give this by using them as their sacred thing and they know the scientific value too. Desi ghee is a goldmine of nutrients you can simply understand that due to its plethora of benefits and therapeutic value ghee is recommended not only for internal but also for eternal use.

But Time is  changing

The scenario is nowadays is different, now our own Desi Ghee recognized as a healthy option in many of study. and it made its place in the selves of premium malls as The name of Clarified butter.
Do you know that ghee is trending in the US Just like you find Olive oil in our Premium supermarkets Desi Ghee has been selling in other countries as a premium cooking oil? It has been taken a lot of time to understand but finally, we have understood that the Product which we are using in the place of desi ghee is not healthy. We are having highly processed food which has almost nill in good nutrition.
So let’s give the same old love and respect to our very own desi ghee.
Share this article if you remember your childhood’s ginger fry with desi ghee. ( ghee fried ginger is very helpful in cold and cough)
This for the day guys
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Desi Ghee, home made ghee
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