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Can We Eat Bitter Gourd/Karela at Night

can we eat bitter gourd at night

Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon, bitter squash. In Hindi, it is called karela. The botanical name is Momordica charantia. It came from the Cucurbitaceae family of vines.

Bitter gourd/karela is one of the most healthy vegetables, you must have read and heard many benefits of eating bitter gourd and yes it is very beneficial. But whenever we talk about very healthy things, then a lot of questions arise in our minds About their uses. like how to eat it, when to eat and when not to eat. Because one thing that we all know is that whatever food is beneficial. It also has its flaws and to avoid those flaws, we should know about the precautions related to this food. In this article, we will see some such precautions of eating bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd nutritional value per 100g

  • Calories – 19 Kcal
  • Carb – 4.3 Gram
  • Dietary fiber – 02 Gram
  • Fat 0.18 Gram
  • Protein – 0.84 Gram
  • Vitamin C – 33 mg
  • Calcium – 09 mg
  • Magnesium -16 mg
  • Phosphorus – 36 mg
  • Potassium – 319 mg
  • Sodium – 06 mg

Can We Eat Bitter Gourd/Karela at Night

Can We Eat Bitter Gourd at Night? According to Ayurveda, it’s advised not to eat sour and bitter things at night. There are many reasons for this, but before telling the reason, I want to make it clear that this is only advice for good health. That means if you have to eat, you can eat it sometimes. The long-term effects of eating them at night are not good (in some people its effect can be seen immediately. ). The following are some reasons why bitter gourd should not be eaten at night.

The seeds of bitter gourd/karela

Like other fruits and vegetables, bitter gourd also has seeds. When the bitter gourd is ripe, these seeds become very hard. These seeds are very soft before they mature. Till the bitter gourd seeds are not ripe, it does not become a problem for you. But when this seed becomes mature then it can become a cause of trouble for you.

Heavy to digest

As we know, ripe bitter gourd seeds are quite hard. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for our body to digest it when our body is inactive. During the daytime when our body is active, it is not that difficult to digest it. You can have them by removing all the seeds, this is not easy, but if you want, you can try to make dishes like stuffed bitter gourd, usually, people grind their seeds and fill them back. But you can also make it without seeds. Trust me it is very tasty even without seeds.

Very painful for people suffering from piles

If you do not know what Piles is, then you are a very happy person. For your information, let me tell you what is Piles, there is a problem of swelling and blood leakage in the human stool path. This is quite very painful. When you eat bitter gourd vegetables and their undigested seeds came out and make scratches in wounds of piles. It can increase your pain manifold. So if you are suffering from piles stay away from seeds of bitter gourd. You can eat them without seeds.


High fiber contain

100 grams of bitter gourd/karela contains 2 grams of dietary fiber. It is not very high. but if you eat bitter gourd in large quantities, then you may have problems with indigestion and gas. For this also it is advised not to eat bitter gourd at night.

Citrus and bitter

There are acidic elements in citrus food items. Which can obstruct the digestive system. You may also feel a burning sensation in the chest. If someone continually eats citrus fruit or vegetable at night for a long time, may have a gas/acidity problem in the stomach. This is the main reason bitter gourd not be eaten at night.

Can We Eat Bitter Gourd Seeds

Are bitter gourd seeds edible? Normally, There is no harm in eating bitter gourd seeds. But as I have mentioned above. If you have digestive problems or piles, then you should stay away from eating bitter gourd seeds.

Can We Eat Bitter Gourd with Curd

Some bitter gourd/karela dishes are made with curd. This is done to reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd. You can eat such dishes. But don’t eat any of these dishes at the night. Because both bitter gourd and curd are acidic food, these two together can give you the problem of indigestion, bloating, and acidity. In the daytime, we can eat bitter gourd with curd

Can we eat bitter gourd with milk

It is not advisable to drink milk with bitter gourd. Because bitter gourd/karela contains about 30% citrus, due to which milk can cause Curdling of milk. And this can be the cause of bloating and indigestion. So you shouldn’t drink milk with bitter gourd. A healthy man is advised to drink milk only at night. In that also you have to keep in mind that you should drink milk 1 hour after eating food and 1 hour before sleeping. This is the best time to drink milk. So you can’t eat bitter gourd with milk

Does bitter gourd cause acidity?gas

Normally this does not happen. But if you eat bitter gourd immediately before sleeping or in large quantity, then you may have to face the problem of heartburn, gas, acidity, indigestion, etc.

Does bitter gourd cause constipation

Does bitter gourd cause constipation? If the bitter gourd is eaten at the right time and in the right quantity, then it never causes the problem of constipation. On the contrary, it can cure your constipation. It can detox your liver. Which is one of the root causes of constipation.

Can Bitter gourd juice be taken daily

No, we should not do this, every person’s body is different. Therefore, before taking karela juice daily as medicine, you should take the advice of your doctor. If you are a healthy person then you should not take bitter gourd/karela juice more than twice a week. If we take any food item more than required then it has disadvantages. For this, it is necessary that you take a balanced diet. In Sanskrit, it is said “Ati srvatra varjiten”. It means everything has a limit.

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