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How to choose the best cooking oil

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Best cooking oil in India

In this article, We have Explain which cooking oil is healthy, why you need oil, Smoke point of the oil, Omega 3& 6 Ratio, fat type in different oils and which cooing oil to be used or I can say how to choose Best cooking oil in India

How to choose cooking oil

The first thing I would like to mention is, if you are looking for the best Cooking oil for all, then you are wrong, there is no cooking oil available in the market which can full fill the requirement of everybody. Every oil has its own nutrition value and has own benefits as well some side effects also you have to choose oil as per your body type and your medical history, Then the question is how to choose a cooking oil So here we are going to explain why you need oil, About the manufacturing process of oil, Smoke point of oil, Omega 3& 6 Ratio and fat type in different oils. I strongly blive that after reading this article you can easily choose a cooking oil for you.

Why we need oil

After hearing so much thing like oil makes you fat, it’s higher your cholesterol level, it is bad for your digestive system, it is zero in protein. Sometimes people will think if cooking oil is so bad then why we need cooking oil.

In an Ideal Condition

Actually, we don’t need cooking oil, our body needs fat and the cooking oil is not the only source of fat. If we eat whole grains or I say if we are taking a balanced diet which has a good balance of all the required nutrition and fat ( Animal fat & plant fat ). Animal fat – Fish, Egg yolk, whole chicken, etc.  Plant Fat- nuts, Lagums, and dairy products. Then you have already got your required fat percentage because the required percentage of fat for the human body is only 10 % of your calory intake means if you are taking 1600 calorie diet then you need 160 of calorie from fat which can be easily full filled

In Today’s Condition

Talking about a common man doing any regular job. Ask your self did you having nut every day, Did you having fish and chicken by checking that its full fill you fat requirement, The answer is no because we are not having the food in its natural condition, instead of whole soybeans we are having soya chunks, instead of nut we are giving our child a so-called health drink which is nothing but just a malt-based food. So talking about today’s condition, we need a little amount of additional fat, you can take it in the form of cooking oil or you can take raw. If you are taking fat in any raw form then still you don’t need cooking oil. but because cooking oil is very conveniently available people want to use it, So now  discuss the parameters which decide which oil you have to take

Oil making process.

1.Solvent  method

Cooking oil extracted from this method is refined oil. In this method, the oil is extracted by applying very high heat and using chemicals reactions. In this method, the bonds of fatty acid break down.
Because of chemicals used to extract oil, it becomes toxic and almost zero in nutrition also no live enzymes are left in it. The oil loses its organic fragrance and natural taste. Brands that promise about nutrition and minerals available in their product are telling added nutrition and minerals which our body cannot absolve. Finally, I would like to say this is the worst process.

2. Expeller Process

This is the mechanical pressing method in this method no chemicals were used to extract oil, but heat is generated when a high pressure applied mechanically to extract oil. So it has its natural color and taste but some properties of oil get damaged in this method. Refining may be done by large companies better but this is not the purest form of oil. It is better than refined oils because no chemicals were used in the process only some properties are damaged. And it is easily available in a grocery store near you there are so many national and local companies which are them by calling them ( kachi ghani ) but maximum of them are not cold-pressed but this is expelled.

3. Cold Pressed method

The most organic way of extracting oil is the cold-pressed method. heat is not used to extract oil in this method, and pressure applied by wood, it takes a very long time to extract oil in this process. This method is very old and retains all color, fragrance, and taste in its natural form. Cold-pressed oil is most precious because of there method of making, none of the nutrition is damaged in extraction, that why it is beneficial for health rather than other oils


Saturated and Unsaturated Fats

There are two types of fats Saturated fat and unsaturated fat, If you want to go more dipper then they are also branches in both type but it depends on you. Here we are discussing two basic types.

Saturated fat

Fat which has mostly a single bond is called saturated fat. Saturated fat has a higher melting point than unsaturated fat. That why it’s a very high chance that if you take saturated fat in higher quantity it starts storing. Taking a high quantity of saturated fat for a long time may lead to heart disease. Some sources of saturated fat are Coconut oil, Soyabean Oil, Unprocessed butter, Desi Ghee, Egg yolks you can add them in your diet in limited quantity.

Unsaturated fat 

As you can understand by its name they are opposite of saturated fats. they have two or more bonds of carbon in it. As per research, you take more unsaturated fat than saturated fat but there is one thing you have to keep in mind that most of the sources of unsaturated fat have both saturated and unsaturated fats. Some good sources of unsaturated fats are Flax Seed oil, Sesame oil, Mustard oil, Nuts and seeds oil, olive oil, Sunflower oil.

Smoke Point of Cooking oil.

( The table below is for unrefined pure oil and numbers are for example only you can choose some other oil also)  

Sl noName of cooking oilSmoking pointuse
01Coconut oil177 °CFor deep fry and shallow fry
02Desi Ghee ( Clarified butter)200 °CFor deep fry and shallow fry
03Sesame Oil177 °CFor deep fry and shallow fry
04Mustard Oil180 °CFor deep fry and shallow fry
05Avocado Oil190 °CFor deep fry and shallow fry
06Olive Oil (extra virgin)160 °CFor light frying and Sautee
07Peanut Oil160 °CFor light frying and Sautee
08Walnut oil150 °CFor light frying and Sautee
09Soy Oil155 °CFor light frying and Sautee
10Almond Oil160 °CFor light frying and Sautee
11Flax Seed109 °CNot Suitable for cooking Should be taken Raw
12Sunflower107 °CNot Suitable for cooking Should be taken Raw

Coconut oil
Coconut oil

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Ratio

You also have to take of Omega -3 And Omega -6 Ratio, But this doesn’t mean that you can not choose an oil that has low in omega -3. You have to full fill this requirement from other sources, Some good source of omega -3 are Flaxseed, chia seed, walnuts, and fish oil. The healthy ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is 4-1 means if possible you can make 1-1. But nowadays we are having it like 25-1 or 30-1 which is really scary. So in the below table, I am going to give you some omega-3 rich options.

Sr noName of Cooking OilOmega-3 %Omega-6 %
01Mustard oil6%15%
05Flax Seed57%14%
06Fish oil100%0%

The oil that must be avoided

One last thing try to avoid some cooking oil like canola oil, palm oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, and all refined oil.
If a situation came when you have to choose one of those oils, go for refined oil. Here you can think that if I don’t recommend those oils then why should I have included these oils in the table, So the olive oil and canola oil are included to show the comparison.


I think now you can easily make a decision in which cooking oil is healthy and which cooing oil to use.
And probably you can use Best cooking oil in India.
Now what I have to say that always remember that every cooking oil is mainly a source of Fat and our body has a limited requirement of fat. So almost 15 grams of cooking oil is enuff for an average person in India.  And try to Rotate your cooking oil as per availability and your convenience.

So, guys, this is all for now, you can share your thought with me regarding this article or anything else in the comment box below.

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