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Do you know how Benefitable litchi is for your health

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Benefits of eating litchi

As you know it is summer and many fruits are available in the summer season, like mango, who does not like to eat mango. At least I don’t know any such person who does not like eating mangoes if you know then tell me in the comment box. But today we will talk about litchi, as I said in my previous post that I will definitely write a beneficial post about litchi, so I am here. Well, if you have not read our previous post, then definitely read it. Litchi a disputed fruit. It is important to read this because I believe that if you do not know the benefits of something, then it is not a matter but you must know the harm caused by it.

Let’s talk about the benefits of eating litchi, when to eat litchi, when not to eat litchi, how much litchi should be eaten, the disadvantages of eating litchi, the Effect of litchi on pregnant women, Suggestion for diabetics Etc. First, let’s see the nutritional table of litchi

100 grams is in litchi
Calories – 66 kcal
Carbohydrate – 14.53 grams
Sugar – 15.23 grams
Dietary Fiber – 1.3 grams
Fat – 0.4 grams
Protein – 0.73 grams
Vitamin C – 41.5 mg
Calcium – 5 mg
Magnesium – 10 mg
Potassium – 171 mg
Phosphorus – 31 mg
Sodium – 1 mg

The nutrient table of litchi was also there in the previous post, but there is a reason for giving it here too, without this I will have some difficulty in explaining, And you will also have difficulty understanding.

Instant energy

As you can see, there are 15.23 grams of sugar in 100 grams of litchi. In summer, it often happens that due to being in the sun too late or due to lack of water, we suddenly start feeling very weak. In such a situation, this quality of litchi is very useful. You should eat 8-10 litchi and you will find that you are feeling fresh like before.

Boosts the immune system

During summer, the immune system becomes weak, hence it is advisable to eat vitamin C foods in summer. Here also litchi can help you a lot, because 100 grams of litchi contains 41.5 mg of vitamin C. Therefore, eat litchi once a day in summers.

Good for the digestive system

The soluble fiber in litchi makes it very good for the digestive system, it helps in digesting it by mixing it with our food. Also, the vitamins present in this help in the flow of red blood cells. Due to which, the agility in our body is sustained.

eating litchi, health benefits

Keep hydrated

As mentioned in the nutrient table. Litchi pulp contains 82%  of water. In this sense, it becomes a suitable summer fruit. Litchi keeps you hydrated for long while.

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Raw Litchi

Helpful in reducing weight

The soluble dietary fiber present in litchi clears the food stuck in your small intestine. With which your Metabolism starts working well and you can lose weight easily.

Makes bones strong

Calcium is very important for the strengthening of the bones, and litchi contains a good amount of calcium as well as a sufficient amount of magnesium. The mixture of these two makes litchi very important for bone strength. So must eat litchi for strong bones.


Good for blood pressure

The amount of potassium present in litchi is more than sodium, so it becomes good for the blood pressure problem, it increases the blood flow in the veins and reduces the pressure on the heart. It also promotes your metabolism.

Side Effects of Litchi

When to eat litchi

The most suitable time to eat litchi is in the evening, between lunch and dinner, apart from this you can eat between breakfast and lunch.

When should not eat litchi

The time of day when litchi should not be eaten, is in the morning, eating litchi in an empty stomach can create many problems, such as headache, head baffles, stomach pain, stomach ache, Indigestion, etc. The second time when you should avoid eating litchi is before sleeping at night, litchi should not be eaten before sleeping at night. Litchi’s nature is hot and it is also acidic, so when we eat it before bedtime it disrupts our digestive system and also hinders good sleep.

Litchi overdose 

As it’s nature is hot, eating too much litchi can cause problems like fever, cold, nose bleeding, etc. However, if you eat it in limited quantity then there is no such risk.

Warning for diabetics

As you have seen in the nutrient table, the amount of sugar in litchi is high, so it is not advisable for diabetic patients to eating litchi.

side effects of litchi for pregnent women

Warning for pregnant women

Pregnant women or women who are having breastfeeding. They should stay away from it. because eating litchi makes many such coincidences which can cause health fluctuations in the body. For this reason, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should stay away from it.

How many litchis you have to eat

I told you about the benefits, of risk. anything else.
Oh yes, I have forgotten one thing, how much food is there, let me also tell you, you can eat litchi only 10-15 in time, do not eat more than that!

There are more advantages

The benefits of eating litchi are many more, but I have not mentioned them here, because there are some conditions with those benefits, such as how is your health, How is your lifestyle, Where do you live, etc. That is why we have only talked about the benefits that are sure to happen. The rest of the people should eat every seasonal fruit, all of them have different benefits. but always remember the limit, doesn’t do overeating.


If you live at the place where litchi is available, Definitely eat litchi it is a very healthy fruit and only available for a few days in a year. The only thing to be taken care of is the quantity that doesn’t eat too much litchi.

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Thank you, friends, for reading
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