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Benefits of Eating Kundri/Ivy Gourd

Benefits of kundri

Kundri, Ivy gourd. We all know that eating green vegetables very important for us. but after knowing this fact we often skip them, Specially the vegetable like kundri. Kundri is a very healthy green vegetable and in this article, we are going to know about what is kundri and the benefits of eating kundri.

What is the Meaning of Kundru

The English name of Kundri is Ivy Gord. Its scientific name is Coccinia grandis. Its shape is oval, the length is about 10-15 cm. This is a vegetable growing on a vine. Its flowers are white. Ivy gourd/kundu is called Bimbi in Ayurveda. The cultivation of Kundri was first started from the tropical regions of Africa, later it was used in the countries of Asia. Its taste is very good. That’s why people like to eat it raw too. In the states of India where rice is eaten as a staple food, Ivy gourd is a favorite of them.

Where Does Kundru Come From

Plant of Kundri is commonly found in the form of a rudder. But nowadays its expanded cultivation has started. You will find seeds of different varieties in the market. Its vine spreads on the ground and the color of the flowers is white. The leaves have 5 lobe lobes, 6.5 to 8.5 cm long, 7 to 8 cm long, its fruit is oval, whose length is from 12 to 60 cm.

Kundru/Kundri called in english

The English name of kundri is ivy gourd and the botanical name is coccidia Grandis. Kundri in English is also called scarlet gourd.

Benefits of eating kundri

Eating kundru is very beneficial for diabetics, Skin problems. Kundru is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As per Ayurveda, it can control both Kapha and pita dosh. Let’s see some benefits of Kundru.

kundru benefits for diabetes

There are certain vegetables that are not recommended for diabetic patients. In such conditions, Kundru is your best friend. The natural insulin found in kundru can reduce your blood sugar level. and help you to cure.


Helps in weight loss

Kundru can boost your metabolism, And a boosted metabolism can help a lot to reduce your extra fat. Kundri is also very low in calories and this makes it the perfect green vegetable for you if you are on a low carb diet.

Keep your Skin Glowing

Kundru is rich in vitamin-C, and also has antioxidant properties which help you to keep away your skin problems. So if you want healthy and glowing skin do add Kundru/ Ivy Gourd to your diet.

Keep your gut healthy

Dietary fiber is very important for your gut health, Taking the right amount of fiber can keep your bowel movement easy and make your gut healthy. Kundri can also kill intestine worms which is very common in children. For Constipation you can also see DOES-KALA-CHANA-CAUSE-constipation/

For healthy heart

kundri are very rich in potassium and this mineral can keep your heart healthy. It has also anti-inflammatory properties.

Side Effects of Kundri

If you are using it as a vegetable it may help you to cure some of the illnesses by its nutritional benefits. No such proven side effect is found. But it may be allergic for some people and may cause skin allergy. If you found something like this you can visit a physician near you and it can teated easily. But if you are taking kundri/Ivy gourd as medicine it’s better to take it under the supervision of a Doctor. In this type of case, it can create some serious issues like hypothermia( Low Blood Sugar).

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