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Lemon tea benefits you never know about.


we are going to talk about lemon tea benefits, and also talk about the type of lemon, benefits of lemon, and also about side effects of lemon. let’s talk about lemon tea

How to make lemon tea.

I know it sounds silly that I am going to give a recipe of lemon tea, obviously, everyone knows how to make lemon tea. But I am going to give you a different recipe and believe me this one is really super tasty and super healthy. so what you to do is take a lemon cut it squeeze it in a glass bowl ( because lemon juice is acidic and keeping lemon juice in Mattel bowl should cause Mattel leaching ) and keep the lemon juice aside. because we are using lemon peels to make tea.


Take half of the lemon peel and cut them little pieces add 5-7 leaves of tulsi (holy basil ) and 5-7 leaves of curry leaves. then take 1 glass of water and put all three ingredients in it let them boil until the water remains half to keep the steam low. and your delicious lemon tea is ready. You can enjoy this with a different combination, some are below

With lemon juice

The best way to use this tea which I personally enjoy. is to add some lemon juice ( a little) and a pinch of pink salt ( sendha namak ) and this tastes amazing. And the time when I drink this tea is after my morning workout. and believe me, this gives me ultimate freshness and energy for my day. The best drink to start your day

Lemon tea with honey

You can enjoy this tea with honey it is very beneficial to your gut it helps you fight from gut issues like indigestion, bloating heaviness.

With sugar

Wait I know sugar is not a healthy option. but let me clear one thing, I don’t think sugar is such a big enemy of our health. ya, it’s not good for our health we should avoid eating sugar if we have any alternative of sugar available with definitely use them instead of sugar. but you have no other sweetener option available then you can eat a little amount of sugar ( if you are not on a strict diet). ok lets came back to our tea it tastes great after adding a little sugar and it is still healthy

Lemon tea

Benefits of lemon tea

Digestion system

So coming to the benefits of lemon tea, the most important benefit is it improves our digestion system. and as we all know our digestive system is the center of our body. indigestion could lead to several diseases. So it is very important to keep your digestive system healthy. and this tea can help you definitely.

Immunity booster

The second important benefit is it supports your immune system. it’s very important to be immune because that’s the only thing that can help you fight from all kinds of viral and infective diseases. So these two things are really very very important for us because the first one makes us healthy from inside and the second one will fight from outside diseases. I think that now you can understand the value of this tea.


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Benefits of lemon

Benefits of lemon for hair

To get rid of the problem of dandruff in hair, put two spoons of coconut oil in one teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it to the hair and wash it with lukewarm water after half an hour. It should be applied to thrice a week. For those who have oily hair, they can apply lemon juice, wash your hair after one hour. The oiliness of hair weakens the hair from the roots, and it leads to hair fall.

Benefits of lemon on face

Those who have more problems with pimples should consume lemonade. Consuming lemonade kills germs that cause pimples in the body. It works like a facewash when washing your face with the same lemon and it removes dead skin and opens the chorus. It removes oil from our face and it gives you fair skin.

Benefit for kidney stone

Those who have stones in their kidneys, they can finish it by drinking lemonade in the beginning. Lemon breaks the stone in our kidneys or prevents it from being formed. But those who already have kidney stone problems and are taking medicines for it. They should not use any home remedies without the advice of a doctor.

Beneficial for fungal infection in the nail

People who have a fungal infection in the nails of hands and feet. Should take lukewarm water with lemon juice and then put there hands or feet in it and if they cannot do that, then they apply it with the help of cotton to nail. They get relief from Infection. Nails also become alive.

Side-effects of lemon

The side effects of consuming excess lemon

Lemon is very rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. This element is known as a diuretic element, which means that it increases the amount of urine in the kidney. Which removes water and sodium from the body. Due to which there is a lack of water in the body. Lemonade detoxes the body but also removes the nutrients of the body, so doctor’s advice should be taken before excessive consumption of lemon. Consumption of lemon can sometimes cause migraines. Some people also have allergies to it. Apart from this, it also increases the symptoms of asthma.

Lemon side-effects
Stomach pain

Side-effect in your gut

Excessive consumption of lemon juice can make the stomach worse and it can also be harmful to your gut. This maintains the acidity level, which makes the food easier to digest. Sometimes acidity is beneficial to digest food. But increasing its level can cause stomach pain and acid reflux and irritation problems. To avoid this, take a small amount of lemon juice and drink it with water or mixed with food.

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