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The Miracle Of Bael Fruit.

bael fruit

We are going to talk about Bael fruit benefits, bael fruit for diabetes. How to eat bael fruit and what is bael fruit.

What is Bael Fruit

Bael fruit has miraculous benefits. The scientific name of bael fruit is Aegle marmelos . It has also many other names like Bilva, Golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple, wood apple. The names like wood apple and stone apple comes because of its outer skin. The outer skin of this fruit is hard like wood. But very soft from inside. Sweet in taste. But the seeds of the fruit are bitter.

Bael Fruit Nutritional Value

  • Moisture -61.5%
  • Fat – 3%
  • Protein – 1.8 %
  • Fiber – 2.9%
  • Carbohydrates – 31.8%
  • Calcium – 85 Mg
  • Phosphorous – 50 mg
  • Iron – 2.6 mg
  • vitamin C – 2 mg
  • Calories – 137

Aegle Marmelos/Bael fruit Benefits

Aegle Marmelos has various benefits according to Ayurveda As per Ayurveda ripe Indian bael is sweet-savory, cool and digestive Indian Bael is very nutritious, and also it’s a sure shot medicine to fight against the diseases. Bael fruit is ayurvedic medicine. It is aromatic and nutritious Unripe Indian Bael it is rough, digestive, hot, and helps in stomach pain and eye-related diseases

What does bael fruit smell like

The bael fruit smell like a rose. You can compare the smell with any other ripe fruit. and its smell is very strong the unripe has also a very strong smell but there is a unripe smell with it.

Is Bael Fruit good for Constipation

Yes, The is bael fruit good for constipation. It is hard on the outer side it has to be broken like coconut the yellow color pulp is in the inside which contains seeds the pulp is smooth and also it is slightly sweet fresh fruit can be consumed and also the power of the seeds this fruit is the panacea for abdominal disorders abdominal disorder is the root cause of all diseases regular intake of fruit cures constipation from root patients with constipation should drink its juice regularly this fruit keeps the intestines clean and maintains abdominal strength.

For constipation you can also use Amla [ Indian Gooseberry

Is bael fruit good for diabetes

It is very beneficial in diabetes grinding leaves of fruit and drinking juice for 2 times significantly gives relief to diabetes patients in the case of blood deficiency make a powder of ripe dry Indian bael and drink regularly mixed with milk will blood increases.


Beneficial in summer

It has many health benefits in summer. In summer most people suffer from diarrhea, in such cases fry the raw Indian bael and give to the patient. it gives instant relief in case of heatstroke. Grind fresh leaves and apply like henna on the foot and head chest and hand and also give juice to the patient \with sugar candy it gives instant relief. After knowing these benefits you can understand what does bael fruit do for your body

Bael Fruit
Bael Fruit

Bael Fruit Drink Recipe

Choose the right bael

Ensure that the bael that you choose is not green in color because it means its still to ripen. It’s color should be golden yellow. Try to get the perfect round one.

Bael Fruit
Bael Fruit

Let’ crack it

Now let us try and break open this fruit. Bael is one of the toughest fruits to crack. So place this fruit firmly in one hand and if you look closely you will see some light lines across the length of the fruit. Take a heavy hammer and give the firm blows across this line. Now break it into two parts.

Scrape out the pulp

Now take a steel spoon and scrape out all the pulp. Make sure to scrape out the pulp next to the peel. The next step is soaking the pulp in water for about an hour. This helps the pulp to swell up in the water and it makes it easier to mash the pulp and extract the seeds in it. The seeds leave a very bitter taste if added to your drink. So don’t use the grinding jar.

How to eat bael fruit

After Peeling you can eat bael fruit by separating its seeds. It tastes sweet and very aromatic and tasty

Let’s make juice

Let’s take about 2 glasses of water and add it to the pulp. Now cover this and leave it aside for 1 hour. After 1 hour is up, take a steel masher like this and mash the pulp in the bowl well till it mixes well with the water. This process takes about a minute or so approximately. Once you feel that the pulp is dissolved well in the water, you can strain this mixture. This process of straining removes the excess fiber and seeds from our drink. And here your super healthy and tasty bael fruit drink recipe is ready

Super healthy bael sharbat is ready

This made 2 glasses of bael sharbat. Now add a tablespoon of raw cane sugar per glass or you can also use jaggery powder. Use powder because it dissolves quickly. Now stir this well. You can add ice cubes and serve.

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