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Cow milk, are you drinking the healthy milk?

Cow milk

In this particular article, I am going to discuss with you how to select the best Cow milk for you. I will discuss a few subjects which clear your view about Cow milk. After reading this article all queries about Cow milk were solved. that’s my promise. So let’s get started.

Available Cow milk types

There are several types of milk available in our market, we will talk about each of them in-depth.

Milk Powder

As per me, this one is the first and worst category of milk for daily human consumption. if you go thought the ingredients you will find the ingredients like Maltodextrin, Sugar, and stabilizers. If I should start writing about the side-effect of these ingredients the subject of this article will change. So if you really want to know about side-effects you can google them. So let’s move to next category

Homogenized milk

Homogenization/homogenised milk is processed through a mechanical process, where milk is passed through a high-pressure hydraulic machine where fat molecules are broken in small parts. that why when you pour homogenized milk you don’t see the cream floating at the top, this process has also many health issues. You can imagine if the self-life of food like milk is increased up to 6 months is it healthy. this type of milk 1st choice of people who wants to store food in there self for weeks or month. but my personal opinion is you avoid this type because there are many safe and healthy options are available.

Cow milk
Homogenized milk

Pasteurized milk

In Pasteurizenion Process milk is heated quickly up to a certain temperature to kill diseases causing bacteria and enhance its self-life. Basically milk heated for a few seconds up to at least 161°F. That is known as a High-temperature short-time (HTST) process. And the second process is known as (UHT)Ultra-heat treatment, Where milk is heated up to 280 °F for a couple of seconds. The unrefrigerated milk you find in the market is pasteurized by this process. most polythene peaked milk were treated in these two ways.

Is Pasteurized milk healthy

The first question which comes in mind about this milks is, are they adulterated. So the answer is no the milk sold by Indian Companies Certified by FSSAI is not adulterated. but the problem in this milk is a mixture of all types of available milk like cow, goat, camel & buffalo. there is special cow milk also available in the market but this is also a mixture of A1 & A2 cow milk.

A1 and A2 Cow milk

Let talk about two major types of Cow milk which are the most debatable topic nowadays. A2 and A1 milk.

What is A1 Cow

A1 cows are a group of cow breeds from western counties like the US and UK, the milk produced by this cow has A1protien in them. Some of these breeds are known as Holstein, Friesian, and jersey. These cow breeds are very common in Australia, northern Europe, and the united states.

A1 type cow in India

Before the 70s there was no such thing that exists in India but after the operation flood. it comes in picture when our desi cow breed was modified with western breeds ( semen were imported from western countries and the same will given to our desi cows and the result is what we are seeing in form of humpless cow) So the Milk from this modified breed is called A1 in India.

Problem with A1 milk

As we all know milk is one of the great sources of calcium and protein. 80% of milk protein is casein, which means casein is the largest group of protein available in milk. and casein available in A2 milk is along with an amino acid called proline but in the new hybrids, this proline amino acid got converted in histidine. because of the alteration of genes over the years.

What is Proline

Proline is a Proteinogenic amino acid its also called amine. and proline has strongly bonded with a small protein called BCM -7, which doesn’t allow BCM-7 to release at the time of digestion. And this proline is only available in A2 type milk.

What is histidine

In simple language, histidine is the amino acid that replaces the Proline Amino acid in A1 type cow milk. And this is also an essential amino acid for human beings. So now you can say what is the problem if both are amino acids, now the problem is BCM -7. And BCM-7 bond with histidine is not so strong. So it allows BCM-7 to release at the time of digestion and then it goes to our nervous system. Let’ talk about BCM-7.

Cow milk

What is BCM-7

Is bioactive peptide, beta casomorphin 7 (BCM-7) . You cannot imagine how dengrous this thing, Just do one thing google this and you will find many article with the “Devil in milk”.

BCM-7 Effect on health

It starts creating a problem in your digestive system like indigestion, but when it’s inter your nervous system it’s a lead incident of autism, schizophrenia, and other neurological of the reason for type-1 diabetes, it also the reason for Lactose intolerance.

You can this below article to know more

Milk proteins and human health: A1/A2 milk hypothesis

What is A2 Milk

Basically the A2 milk is the milk which has Proline in it as amino acid it can be from our desi cows and also from similar mammals like human, sheep, camel, and goat. which has A2 protein in them

A2 type Cow Milk

A2 Cow milk is the cow milk promoted by our ancient and Ayurveda. in Ayurveda milk is the most important feed for mankind. and the milk or ghee which Ayurveda promotes is the A2 Cow milk. basically the milk of our desi cows. Produces by our desi breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Deoni, Ongole, etc.

Surya ketu nari

Do you know that the hump which only found in our desi cows has a special vein called surya ketu nari , Which can absorb energy from the sun? that why the milk from desi cows is a little yellow in color.

How to recognize A1 & A2 Cow Milk

You can easily recognize them by only seeing them. Both look different in color, A1 looks pure white and A2 is little yellow. and the consistency of A2 is thicker than A1.

Why A2 milk so Beneficial


In order to produce more milk, the A1 cow’s genes were modified over and over by passing year. The same going for our desi cows also but here we talking about pure desi breeds, not GOM one. Which are naturally born for this particular area?


The food is very important because they give you the product from there food. So what we feed to desi cows are all-natural things like grass, grain, and pulses.we also eat the same, finally, they give milk which came from these ingredients. and what we feed a jersey cow is dry grass with chemically prepared cattle feeds. (For more milk Production ) and supplements ( here cames the devil) Some time these foreign breeds are also given some hormonal injection which helps them to survive in a different weather condition.

Where to find A2 Cow milk

The best place to buy A2 Cow milk is From a local farmer. and in small cities of India, this is not soo difficult to find a local vendor in which you have confirmed that they have desi cows. But if you live in big cities you have to trust brands like Amul cow milk, Goshrushti, Desigo, Haritas Etc

Is it expensive?

Ya, it’s a little expensive, but believe me, you are not wasting your money you are getting more in this. Use it and thank me later

What to do if you not get A2 cow milk

What we discussed above are not sort-term benefits or side effects. So this does not mean that if you drink a cup of tea with A1 milk and digestive system is started damaging. just reduce its quantity. and most importantly don’t drink A1 expecting the benefits you hearing from childhood.

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