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5 Dietary Fiber Rich Food, You can take daily

Healthy food

Dietary fiber

List of Some Commonly used, healthy foods, which are very rich in dietary fiber, and other nutritions they can help to cure constipation also.

Healthy Food list, Fiber Food, Constipation

In today’s modern lifestyle our foods have been totally changing, instead of healthy food, we are just having foods that look shiny and almost Zero in fiber and other nutritions. Unavailability of fiber is the main reason for constipation and in some cases its also responsible for blood sugar and blood pressure.
Fiber may provide a number of positive health benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels and maintaining your bowel health. So here we are with a list of some grain that may solve your problem.

Note-: This list is for vegetarians only and also not for the people who’s goal is extreme weight loss or extreme muscle gain.

  Whole Wheat

Healthy Food List, Diatary Fiber

100-gram of wheat contains
Calories – 338
Cholesterol -0
Carbohydrate – 71gram
Dietary fiber – 11 gram
Protein – 14 gram

Whole Wheat has 11 gram of fiber in 100-gram quantity
Whole wheat doesn’t contain the highest percentage of fiber in the chart, but the reason I have included this in this list and putting it on number one is, that rest of all items in this list have some issues in taking daily some have health & others have a taste. But
Whole wheat is a very good source of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body, but the problem begins when you consume it in excessive amount, you can take it even when your goal is weight loss, or weight gain just don’t forget to take required Prote in with it. And to include it in your daily diet you just to do that you to replace your refine Flour with, Whole Wheat, Flour.


  Split Peas

Healthy Food list, Diatary Fiber

100-gram of  Split peas contains
Calories – 341
Cholesterol -0
Carbohydrate – 60gram
Dietary fiber – 26 gram
Protein – 25 gram

Split Peas  has 26 gram of fiber in 100-gram quantity
Split Peas are a great source of fiber and also rich in Protein and manganese .100 grams of cooked split peas contain about 18 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber may provide numbers of health benefits such as, Regulating blood sugar level, and maintaining bowel health

 Green Grams

Healthy Food List, Dietary Fiber

100-gram of Green Grams contains
Calories – 347
Cholesterol -0
Carbohydrate – 63gram
Dietary fiber – 16 gram
Protein – 24 gram

100 Gram of green grams contain 16 grams of dietary fiber
There is a number of benefits of sprouted green grams which we have discussed in our last post so you can surely go and check out that by simply clicking here. The Green grams also help in weight loss because they are heavy to digest so they make you feel full for a long time. And of course, it’s also high in fiber which keeps our digestive system healthy,


Healthy Food List, Dietary Fiber,

100-gram of Lentils contains
Calories – 116
Cholesterol -0
Carbohydrate – 20gram
Dietary fiber – 8 gram
Protein – 09 gram

In 100 Gram of lentils, there are 8 grams of fiber
The Fiber contains in lentils is good but it has many more benefits also. Such as it reduces blood cholesterol, maintains blood  Sugar, Good source of protein, and also helps in, Weight loss, But Remember the one that consumption of too many lentils may because of some health issues. So try to rotate all Legumes in your diet it’s may more beneficial to you.


Healthy Food List, Dietary Fiber

100-gram of Chickpeas contains
Calories – 364
Cholesterol -0
Carbohydrate – 61gram
Dietary fiber – 17 gram
Protein – 18 gram

In 100 Gram of Chickpeas, there is 17 Gram of Fiber
Chickpeas are a good source of plant-based protein and fiber. The fiber in chickpeas is most of soluble-Fiber and soluble fiber may help to increase the number of healthy bacteria in your guts and prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria.
The thing I especially like about chickpeas is you can include it at any of your meals or snacks. This is very good for munching between your to major meals you can make so many healthy recipes from chickpea. I can write a whole post about chickpeas, if you want it soon please let me know in the comment box.

5 Healthy Food, Rich in Dietary Fiber

So that is the list of Fiber-rich foods. Finally, I just want to say that try to include a wholesome form of grains in your diet and try to rotate them because excess consumption of a good thing also may create some health issues. There are so many good things to eat on our planet that we can consume and stay healthy. With that my final request is to all of you please let know if you find something helpful in my blog or you can tell me about your opinion about my blog. I will definitely reply to you all

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